Dec. 9, 2022

Relocating to St. Paul, MN? FULL Highland Park Neighborhood Tour

Welcome to Highland Park St. Paul, MN




Highland Village is the hub of life in Highland Park. This is the main spot where you can do some shopping, and grab a bite to eat. 


Hey everyone,  If You’re relocating here from out of state or moving to the Twin Cities from another part of Minnesota. This video will give you a closer look at Highland Park! 

Is it the best neighborhood in St. Paul? 


If you’re someone who wants to live in the city in a nice walkable neighborhood with beautiful houses, you like the charm and character of older homes, and you want to be centrally located. Then definitely put Highland on your list. 

We run the Travis Erickson Group at Re/max results here and help people buy and sell real estate in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the twin cities metro. So, if you are buying or selling a home here reach out our goal is to treat people like they’re family.  We’ll work endlessly to make sure you have a smooth move and everything comes together flawlessly. Send an email to or just go to and fill out the buy my dream home form or free home evaluation form if you are selling to get started.


Highland is really a small town in the city “St. Paul Small as we say.”  


The neighborhood is the slice at the Southwest corner of Saint Paul, surrounded by the Mississippi River on the South and West with Randolph Avenue on the North and 35 E to the East. All of Highland Park is in the 55116 zip code.  It includes the Highland Village area and the West 7th/Sibley Plaza area. 

There’s nearly something for everyone here.  River trails and falls along the Mississippi River, along with Hidden Falls and Crosby Park, provide opportunity for biking, hiking and walking wooded trails and paths.  


There’s an 18 hole golf course the highland national,  and the Highland 9 right next to it. 


You have Circus Juventus, the Charles Schulz indoor ice arena, and the highland Park little league fields. 


Highland is also fortunate to have access to public transit via multiple routes that connect to all areas of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul.    


Highland has a number of local along with chain restaurants and coffee shops. 


You can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants, shop at numerous stores or go to a movie at the Highland Theatre which is one of the only remaining movie theaters in Saint Paul. 


For breakfast we recommend stopping in at the Highland Grill, 


for lunch you have to try oldest deli in Minnesota…. Cecils. They are  famous around the globe, for their made from-scratch matzo ball and chicken soup, and hot reubens.  


For dinner get yourself a reservation at Joans in the Park. It’s a small,  from scratch kitchen with a great dining experience. 

 One of the reasons people gravitate to Highland Park is the fact that there are a variety of homes to chose from. 


Everything from a post war Starter homes to multi million dollar luxury homes.  In general as you go south from I 94 the neighborhoods in St. Paul  go from older to newer as the area was developed. So, in the south part of Highland especially you will find more mid century style homes. Highland has a lot of 1920’s - 40’s two story homes,  bungalows,  colonials, tudors, 4 squares you name it. 


What’s important to you in your next home? Does the yard size matter? 


Highland has a majority of the homes on a typical city lot about 40x125 or .11 acres’. However there are some streets that have larger lots. Sometimes, you’ll find a lot and a half or a double lot on the Avenues north of ford pkwy. If you want a larger lot though look south of Ford Pkwy just in general, or along Mississippi River Blvd, Highland Pkwy can tend to have wider lots, Mount Curve Blvd and Edgecumbe rd also can have larger lots. Even streets like Hillcrest will have wider lots, 60-80’ wide is common and if you look for the windy streets like Upper and lower St. Dennis, and Colvin you’ll find larger lots. Some on ⅓ of an acre, ½ an acre to over an acre. 


 The average sale price this year for a house in Highland is $483,000 with the lowest price home selling for 160K and the highest this year so far at $1.6million. 


Most of the homes here are nice. Just walk around and you can see the pride of ownership. There are some even more distinctive pockets of homes throughout Highland. For example this one just east of the golf course where the average sale price is right around $700K. Then of course you have the river blvd, homes along Edgcumbe, highland pwky, homes close to the river on streets like Mount Curve and Woodlawn. There is a really nice pocket of homes just on the south border of St. Kate’s university. 


Edcumbe blvd. Larger lot sizes. 

River road and the north and south streets next to it. Saint Kates pocket. South of ford pkwy St. Dennis.. Bohland Hillcrest etc. These are distinctive the rest is also very nice. 


The highland bridge is a 122 acre redevelopment of the old Ford plant. I believe it’s one of the largest urban redevelopments in the county. They are adding 3800 housing units with 20% being affordable housing. There are 300 row homes being built and some have already sold anywhere from the $600k’s to over a million.  They are also selling custom single family homes along the river. 


They are adding $150,000 sf of retail, 55+ acres of parks and rec, and 265,000sf of office space. 

Some of the parks are already open, with pickle ball, volleyball, a skate park and a dog park. 

Highland is home to a lot of great schools. Everything from public to charter, religious,  and private schools. This is strong reason people chose highland park. 


 Schools like Horace Mann elementary, highland park elementary, middle, and high school. Highland Catholic, Cretin Durham Hall high school has a $15,340 tuition which includes registration, books, and some activities. St. Paul Academy private k-12. The high school tuition will only set you back $34,690. 

There is also a women’s private university St. Kates! 


If good schools are a box to check off on your list then you should consider Highland Park 

Highland Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in St. Paul and the Twin Cities. Is it the best? Could you see yourself living here? 


We just covered a number of pro’s to the neighborhood. Why shouldn’t you live in Highland Park? 


This list is pretty small but a few things to consider. 


  1. With a nice neighborhood and central location comes higher property taxes it just does.. Some clients that we’ve helped have moved to the suburbs for a little lower taxes.One pretty common landing place borders highland park and that is Mendota Heights. 

  2. Depending on where you live in the neighborhood you aren’t going to have quick access to the freeway. You’ll have to drive a little and it’s not far maybe 5 minutes. If you in the southern part of the neighborhood or on the easter part you have quick access to 35E and hwy 62. 

  3. Some residents that lived here for a long time have expressed concern about what the new development at the highland bridge might do to traffic along Ford parkway and the  main arteries like cretin ave. Some feel like traffic during rush hour can get back up on Ford Pkwy. Its all relative. If you are moving here from LA or New York you’re going to laugh at our rush hour. It will be nothing to you. 

  1. Cost of housing. A lot of people that live here are generational residents their families have lived here and they are going to stay no matter what. Some when it comes time for more space end up in the suburbs to get a bigger house for less money. 

  2. The streets in the winter. If you live  in Minnesota snowy streets are just something  you put up with. Some parts of the metro do a better job than others with clearing the snow off of the streets. St. Paul… let’s just say doesn’t get an A+ in this category. Part of it just goes with living in the city. The streets tend to get more narrow in the winter and some years they can get pretty rough. 


That’s city living though. You are going to pay a little extra to have the amenities and be close to the action. 


The pros far outweigh the cons of highland park in our book.  It really is a prime gem of a neighborhood. 

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If you live here now comment below and let us know what you like about living in Highland Park. Let’s keep it positive! Maybe your input will help someone else thinking about a move to St. Paul.  


If you are buying or selling a home in highland park, St. Paul or the twin cities metro reachout out. Send us an email to or visit our site Call or text 612-900-0777 we will work endlessly to make sure everything comes together flawlessly for you. 






Oct. 18, 2022

Moving to Minneapolis? Watch this Longfellow Neighborhood Tour First!

Are you looking to move to Minneapolis and aren't sure which neighborhood would be best for you? Watch this video for a breakdown of what it's like to live, work & play in the Longfellow community of Minneapolis. The Longfellow community is made of of 5 Different neighborhoods Hiawatha, Howe, Cooper, Longfellow, and Seward. 


If you'd like more information on Living here then reach out to us we absolutely love answering people's questions and helping them make a smooth move when purchasing their new home. 612-900-3838.  


Watch the Longfellow Neighborhood tour here: 




Some buyers that shop in Longfellow for a house to purchase also look in the Nokomis neighborhood. You can watch that video here. 


March 9, 2016

Listing Inventory Starting To Increase!


Looking at homes for sale in Longfellow Minneapolis. The inventory was down 30% just 2 weeks ago at 28 homes on the market. Currently there are 36 homes on the market. That's an increase of 23%. Thirty-six homes for sale is still a low number of homes for sale. The real estate market in Longfellow, Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities is really hot right now. We have had multiple houses in multiple offers over the list price already this year. If you see a home you like be sure to call us right away so that we can get in to see it before it's gone. 612-729-7130. 


Selling your Longfellow home? Click here for a Free Home Evaluation. 

Feb. 9, 2016

The most expensive house in Fulton Neighborhood of Minneapolis Right Now

The Fulton Neighborhood of Minneapolis has so much to offer with Lake Harriet, 50th & France shopping, Southwest High School and other great schools. If you are looking for one of the best homes for sale right now in Fulton the current highest list price on a home here is $1,749,000. Click the link below to see this beautiful five bedroom, five bathroom, 6,000+ square foot home.


Have a great day!  -Travis

Feb. 8, 2016

"There are no homes for sale!"

This is something we have been hearing from a lot of buyers lately. There just aren't a lot of homes to choose from right now. Even so, we have been finding people homes. If you look at it the buyers are partially right. There are a lot less homes for sale right now than there were this time last year in Minneapolis. Minneapolis as a whole has 18% fewer homes for sale than at this time last year. The Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis has 7.8% less homes for sale. The Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis has 29.5% fewer homes to choose from and Nokomis has 22.4% less inventory than this time last year. If you are a buyer and excited about the low interest rates but can't find what you are looking for... "hang in there." We are coming up on the time of year when the highest number of homes go up for sale. If you are a seller... you should be excited! Low interest rates + low inventory = a higher sale price for you in most cases. 


If you want to buy a home in Minneapolis start your search here.


If you want to sell a home start here for a free home evaluation. 

Jan. 27, 2016

Is now a good time to sell?

Have you been on the fence about whether to sell your house or not? A lot of people are in the same boat. Maybe they bought at the peak of the market before the crash and aren't aware of what their home is really worth right now. Or, they are worried about not being able to find a house because of the low inventory levels right now. You are not alone if have doubts about what to do. 

Let's get into what the market is currently doing. In the Twin Cities metro area the inventory overall is at 3.4 months. That is the lowest since March of 2014. That also puts us still in a sellers market! Anything under 4 months is considered a sellers market. Five months would be a balanced market. Anything 6 months or more would be a buyers market. You only have to look back to April of 2012 to find inventory levels in the Twin cities that were 6 months or more. April of 2012 had a 6.2 month supply of homes. What does that mean? The easy answer is this...if nothing else came on the market it would take 6.2 months to sell all of the properties currently on the market. 

Real Estate is an ultra local thing. There are different markets within micro markets. For instance, houses in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range in Longfellow Minneapolis for example, might have a current supply of 1 month. Where houses priced over $700,000 may be a 5 months plus supply. That same thing can be true for many areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and even in the suburbs. 

If you are thinking about selling... it is important to analyze the inventory levels in your specific price range. That along with the pending ratios will tell you how good of a market it is as it relates to your house. 

Back to is now a good time to sell? With the inventory levels being the lowest since 2014, absolutely its a good time to sell. In some neighborhoods there are fewer homes for sale than at any other time that I can remember. This gives you more eyeballs on your home. Already, we have been receiving multiple offers on homes in January. We are also coming up on the time of year when the most number of homes come on the market. So, I couldn't think of a better time to make the move that you been wanting to make. 

If you also need to sell your house when you buy a home, you can check your home's value at my website,

If you have any real estate questions or would like us to help you buy or sell a home... reach out to us. We'd love to talk to you. 612-564-0840. 

Have a great day! 


- Travis 

Dec. 12, 2015

One of the Biggest Mistakes Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Buyers Made in 2015

Hi!  2015 was another exceptional year in real estate. The low inventory and low interest rates, and hungry home buyers drove up demand for homes for sale here in the Twin Cities and Nationally. Multiple offers were the norm in many neighborhoods. I would estimate that 85% of the sellers I worked with this year received multiple offers on their home.  If 2016 is going to be anything like 2015... then there is a good lesson that you can take from the market in 2015 moving forward as a home buyer. 

One of the biggest mistakes that home buyers made in 2015 was waiting for the open house to see the home. By the time the open house rolled around many of the properties were already sold. Some properties waiting until the evening was waiting too long. If you went to see the property in the morning and we got an offer in early we were able to secure the house for the buyer before multiple offers had a chance to develop. 

We are one of the best real estate teams in Minnesota because we are laser focused on making a positive impact on our clients lives through real estate. This means that we will be honest with you. We will go the extra mile. It is our goal to treat you as if you are our only client. We will tell you if it's a good deal or not. We will tell you our honest opinion if you should just pass on the house. It is our firm belief that we would rather lose a "sale" than help our clients buy something they don't love! It doesn't matter to us how long it takes you to find a house, just as long as the house you buy is the right one for you.  Good luck out there the rest of 2015 and in 2016. If you are going to buy or sell real estate we would love the opportunity to talk to you to and be your expert advisor throughout the process. Thank you! Travis 


Jan. 20, 2015

St. Paul Real Estate & St. Paul, MN Homes For Sale

The real estate market in St. Paul has definitely come a long way in the last 5 years. After dipping to $134,851 in 2009 it rebounding slightly for about a year to $147,856 after the tax credits for home buyers only to drop back to $134,616 in February of 2012. Then is "hockey sticks" up to $193,012 in December of 2014. That is up 30.3%! This is what the recovery looks like. It's helped people who couldn't sell just a few years ago be able to sell now. It has also given confidence to people to go out and buy that house that they've been wanting and to feel safe that their investment isn't losing value the day after the closing but is on an upward trend. 2015 is going to be another good year in real estate  for St. Paul.   If you have been wanting to buy a home you can search all of the St. Paul Real Estate and St. Paul homes for sale, just click here.




Jan. 20, 2015

Minneapolis Real Estate & Minneapolis Homes For Sale

Real Estate in Minneapolis has come a long way in the last 5 years. The lowest average sale price in Minneapolis was August 2009 at $175,795. As of the last data available the average sale price in Minneapolis is $263,552. That's up 33.3%.  This comes from the Northstar MLS and © 2010–2014 10K Research and Marketing®. This has helped many people who are selling their home to be able to when just a few years ago they were under water on their mortgage. The market already is heating up this year in January. It's going to be a great year in real estate here in Minneapolis. 

To search all real estate and homes for sale in Minneapolis, click here. 

Jan. 1, 2015

Linden Hills Real Estate

If you are looking to buy your dream home in 2015 you should look in Linden Hills.  Linden Hills is the premiere southwest Minneapolis neighborhood. It borders Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Fulton, and Edina by 50th and France. There are award winning schools and lots of fun things to do around the lakes, shopping, and great restaurants. 

Currently, there are 38 homes for sale for you to choose from. The prices on these Linden Hills homes for sale range from $1.8 Million down to $164,900 on France Ave.  Do you think that Linden Hills is a good place to invest your hard earned money into a home?  Check this out... In 2007 Linden Hills peaked at an average sale price of $532,055. In 2014 according to the Northstar MLS, the average sale price is $604,916.  That is 12.1% higher than the peak price!  Linden Hills is in HIGH DEMAND! When some Minneapolis neighborhoods are still below their peak levels in 2006-2007, Linden Hills has crushed it's past peak average sale price levels. You'll love the activities to do there, the people, and the property.  


Click here to view all of the current homes for sale in Linden Hills!