If you are looking to buy your dream home in 2015 you should look in Linden Hills.  Linden Hills is the premiere southwest Minneapolis neighborhood. It borders Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Fulton, and Edina by 50th and France. There are award winning schools and lots of fun things to do around the lakes, shopping, and great restaurants. 

Currently, there are 38 homes for sale for you to choose from. The prices on these Linden Hills homes for sale range from $1.8 Million down to $164,900 on France Ave.  Do you think that Linden Hills is a good place to invest your hard earned money into a home?  Check this out... In 2007 Linden Hills peaked at an average sale price of $532,055. In 2014 according to the Northstar MLS, the average sale price is $604,916.  That is 12.1% higher than the peak price!  Linden Hills is in HIGH DEMAND! When some Minneapolis neighborhoods are still below their peak levels in 2006-2007, Linden Hills has crushed it's past peak average sale price levels. You'll love the activities to do there, the people, and the property.  


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