Hi!  2015 was another exceptional year in real estate. The low inventory and low interest rates, and hungry home buyers drove up demand for homes for sale here in the Twin Cities and Nationally. Multiple offers were the norm in many neighborhoods. I would estimate that 85% of the sellers I worked with this year received multiple offers on their home.  If 2016 is going to be anything like 2015... then there is a good lesson that you can take from the market in 2015 moving forward as a home buyer. 

One of the biggest mistakes that home buyers made in 2015 was waiting for the open house to see the home. By the time the open house rolled around many of the properties were already sold. Some properties waiting until the evening was waiting too long. If you went to see the property in the morning and we got an offer in early we were able to secure the house for the buyer before multiple offers had a chance to develop. 

We are one of the best real estate teams in Minnesota because we are laser focused on making a positive impact on our clients lives through real estate. This means that we will be honest with you. We will go the extra mile. It is our goal to treat you as if you are our only client. We will tell you if it's a good deal or not. We will tell you our honest opinion if you should just pass on the house. It is our firm belief that we would rather lose a "sale" than help our clients buy something they don't love! It doesn't matter to us how long it takes you to find a house, just as long as the house you buy is the right one for you.  Good luck out there the rest of 2015 and in 2016. If you are going to buy or sell real estate we would love the opportunity to talk to you to and be your expert advisor throughout the process. Thank you! Travis