I actually do like Zillow. I think they have a good site. Is it right? No, I just helped a client buy a home that was listed at $344,900 and the Zestimate was $344,500. We got it for $300,000.  Will Zillow ever be right? No, not on any consistent basis. Is your home exactly like your neighbors house? Absolutely not! No two homes are exactly alike. There is no possible way for an algorythm to tell you what you house is really worth. Zillow, every once in a while will come close on price. But, coming close is the exception. It's like winning the jackpot at the Casino. It happens every once in a while. Of course, the casino ads all show the lucky winner. Save yourself a lot of money and heart ache. Higher an expert to help you analyze your next purchase or home sale.

We always do a complete market evaluation on any home our clients want to purchase to make sure they know the true value of that home. We always to a full market evaluation on any home our seller clients want to sell to ensure we are selling for the absolute top dollar. 


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